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Where I come from?

An immigrant born and raised in Vietnam until 13. He celebrated his 13th in Seattle, Washington and then his 14th in California. Now a citizen at 23.

How I define myself?

Sun in Leo.
Moon in Sagittarius.
Rising in Virgo.
Myers Briggs as ENFP.
Enneagram Type 5 Wing 6.

What I like?

Outside of graphic design, his life is filled with a lot of indie and alternative tunes, fashion shows, psychology, queer politics, sass, tennis (or gym or yoga), traveling, and moments of solitude.

What I'm going to do in the future?

Currently pursuing graphic design and advertising, he wants to work as a designer in an agency or studio in Los Angeles, earn the experience for as long as he can learn from the company, then city hop closer toward the Pacific Northwest every 5 years or so. Maybe pick up product designer skills, maybe UX/UI, or maybe something else in advertising/production.


years city/town state/country comments
1996-2009 ho chi minh city vietnam birthplace & childhood
2009-2010 seattle washington 1st year in america
2010-current garden grove california current residence
2013 zion utah first hiking/camping trip

boston > providence > new york

massachusettes > rhode Island > new york 1st family trip to east coast
2014 austin texas a quadrennial camping trip with boy scout
2015 new york > baltimore > dc new york > maryland > dc brother's graduation trip
2015 san francisco california 1st visit
2015 lake tahoe california road trip
2015 santa cruz > palo alto california spring break road trip
2016 big bear california retreat
2016 yosemite california family road trip
2016 london > oxford > paris > milan > florence > rome england > france > italy first europe trip
2017 los angeles > san francisco > tigard > seattle california > california > oregon > washington spring break road trip
2017/18/19 indio california coachella
2017 joshua tree california night camping
2017 cabo san lucas mexico summer trip with friends
2017/18 las vegas nevada life is beautiful festival
2017 vancouver canada road trip with cousins
2018 tokyo > kyoto > osaka > nara japan cousin trip with our moms
2018 seoul > bucheon > incheon korea extended family trip
2019 new yor k new york spring break trip
2019 san francisco california resided for summer & attended first PRIDE parade
2019 ho chi minh city vietnam 10year-celebration-trip
2019 chicago illinois vacation with close friend
2010-current  seattle  washington extended family christmas reunion
2019/20 las vegas > grand canyon nevada > arizona new year family trip


"Practice Makes Better Work"