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4 favorite apps

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social media

Out of all social media outlets, this app is probably the only one I use 80% of the time. Aside from staying in touch with friends and their lives, I mostly use this to follow other designers and creatives from all types of mediums. I love to see how capable humans are in creating and progressing the industry.

There are 24 hours per day, I probably listen to music or podcast for about 8 hours per day, 2 hours at the gym, while driving, walking around campus, doing homework. Not that I am antisocial or anything, but music comforts my mind and helps me get into the zone of whatever I’m about to do.
google calendar
As an Android user, I have this magic calendar dead front of my home screen to help me stay aware of deadlines, bills, appointments as well as having any fun plans to look forward to. I love color coordination so my monthly calendar is almost always colorful. The brighter the color, the more serious it is actually; and the duller the colors, the more boring that month is. 
I love learning through people, their stories and their perseverance through life, work, relationships, and even themselves. This is absolutely my favorite app to use because there are so many real life stories being told by genuinely genuine people from all types of backgrounds that are just trying to help and pass on the experiences. You, yourself can practice writing and write about your experiences and join this amazing community.

my daily activities

icon activity duration
gym 90 minutes
bathing 20 minutes
facial 20 minutes
dressing 20 minutes
driving 60 minutes
eating 60 minutes
homework 180 minutes
reading 60 minutes
bible study 30 minutes
music 480 minutes