Design Process

Design Brief

What is the purpose (goal) of the design?

to communicate and encourage fun creativity using clean shapes and strokes to suggest movement and playfulness in each department of the arts.

Who is the audience?

This event is open to all students or visitors who have a chance to view this on campus installation.

What message needs to be communicated?

The posters will depict a strong sense of movement and playfulness. Reminding the audience of a nostagic childhood feel

What is the competition and marketplace                                                         


What is the context?

these posters (printed and digital) are created for a showcase displaying student works from CSUF.

In what voice?                                                                                                    

With voice of encouragement and optimism

What kind of response is desired?

hope the audience feel happier and lighter in their heart so they can go do anything they want to do.


About this event

Displayed as two column text setting: column-count: 2; ACTIVATE! 2020 is a one-night presentation of multiple installations and exhibitions situated in the Visual Arts courtyard and galleries (Begovich, Duff, Exit and Freedman). Participating areas include: Art Education, Ceramics, Creative Photography + Experimental Media, Jewelry + Metals, Drawing & Painting, Entertainment Art/Animation, Exhibition Design, Foundations, Glass, Graphic & Interactive Design, and Sculpture. ACTIVATE! 2020 is presented as part of Arts Week 2020, and is organized by the College of the Arts and Nicholas & Lee Begovich Gallery, and in partnership with Arts Interclub Council (AICC).


Logo marks (B/W)

logo Types (B/W)

Refined Logo and color scheme

First Version of Poster Series

Revised Version of Poster Series