Project 04: Homepage Design

UI design Process

Design Brief

What Is The Purpose (Goal) Of The Design?

The goal of this project is to redesign the homepage of our website using the HTML knowledge we have learned from the class throughout this semester.

Who is the Audience? 

professor Chen Wang and fellow 483E classmates as well as whoever that stumbles upon this website from future class or any other promotional sources.

What Message Needs To Be Communicated?

the calmness of a simple countryside life                                           

What Is The Competition And Marketplace

design students of csuf and freelancers in southern california.                                                                                

What Is The Context?

website designed and inspired by nature elements and the countryside living

In What Voice?

light and calming with a hint of refreshment                         

What Kind Of Response Is DesirE?                            


My 4 Mock-ups

layout 01 |layout 02 |layout 03 |layout 04